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A Message from the Outreach Chapel…

We hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Also… Please stay tuned as our website will soon be updated with new content 😉

A Message from Pastor Joe…

Your Commitment to God is going to be challenged.

God has been dealing with our fellowship on our level of commitment. This past Sunday I preached a message on commitment based on a Word that God had given me earlier that week. I believe it to be a message for all the churches. When expressing our love to one another we express it at the highest level through the strength of our commitment. How you respond in the hardest of times, is how your commitment is proven. Marriages are held together through one thing and one thing only – that is Love which is expressed through commitment one to another. A friend’s commitment is established in the times of adversity. Wars are won when commitment overcomes fear. Kingdoms have been destroyed for a lack of commitment.

The commitment that we show one another is the same as our commitment to God. “Ask not what the church can do for you, but what can you do for the church?” The challenge has been made very clear. Our commitment will be proven, no man can be committed to God an equally committed to anything (or anyone) else. As we hold on with two hands and do all that we can showing this world that we are committed to the One True Living God.

For the next few weeks our commitment to one another and to God will be brought out in the open and challenged. I believe that God is asking believers everywhere to show the world how committed they are to His commission. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations

Get ready! This is an election year and your priorities are going to be exposed. Who you are committed to pleasing will be revealed.

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