The year of 2013 has been a series of battles for many individuals and we have seen as the ‘tree has shaken’.  However, we look at these battles through spiritual eyes – it is simple – whatever it takes to pull you from your calling…  Just as God has a plan for your life, the enemy also has a plan for your life and it is to pull you far from God.  We pray every day for those that fall prey to the devises of the enemy.  At the same time we look forward to the plans of the Lord & to advancing His Kingdom.

This year the Outreach Chapel will be going into the city of Lynn MA.  After much prayer as well as asking the Lord for direction – Lynn has become crystal clear as the place we will begin a new work.  In 2014 we will work to help hurting young men and women get into programs.  We will stand beside them as they fulfill the call of God in their lives.  As they become productive members of society, and receive the help that they desperately need.

Get Ready!  God is calling the faithful remnant to continue meeting every Sunday in Everett while we begin to evangelize in the city of Lynn.  ‘Do not grow weary in well doing’ I want to encourage you to join this work & help to snatch as many from the fire as possible, AND 2014 WILL BE A YEAR OF GROWTH BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION!

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