Pastor Joey

Pastor Joey Radzikowski was born and raised in Everett, MA. He is the middle of 3 brothers from an Italian mother (Violet) and Polish father (Sonny). He graduated in 1989 from Malden Catholic High School and later attended both UMass Lowell and UMass Boston. Although Joey came from a good family he always expressed an emptiness within himself that he would try to fill with a dangerous lifestyle, “drugs and alcohol”. He maintained a “normal” external appearance while all along he was self-medicating. He played football throughout both his high school and college years. He left school and opened Nana’s Pizza in Everett with his brothers Anthony and Steven after 4 years Joey left the business and nearly lost his life at this time with pancreatitis as a result of alcohol abuse. Upon leaving the hospital Joey opened up an illegal after hours club on his own. Joey ultimately ended up living a life filled with both crime and drug addiction. Heroin addicted and dying slowly In 1998 he was facing 8 years in Concord State Prison, at this time he was given a chance by a judge to “find a program”. He later entered a 15-month program, here he found the satisfaction he had been searching for when he met the LORD. Joey completed a 3 year internship while completing Bible studies for the Pastorate. With a needed new life, heart and vision “Pastor Joey” developed a strong relationship with Jesus, and would return to his old stomping grounds. Joey was able to become a father to his son Maxwell and married Max’s mother Gail, making their family whole. Joey and Gail went on to begin a non-profit organization called The Outreach Chapel that helps those that are facing life controlling problems, is active in the community, and provides real solutions to real problems.

Pastor Joey is extremely passionate about reaching as many people as he can through one on one confrontation, intervention, public speaking, outdoor outreaches to the community, getting people into long term treatment as well as developing other ministries/programs. Pastor Joey also holds a traditional ‘church’ service weekly where he shares motivational, uplifting and life-changing messages.  He helps dozens of individuals and families find direction and purpose in what he believes to be the worst time the country has ever faced culturally, musically, spiritually and politically.

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